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How to login to our classroom on Zoom

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Online Preschool Policies

To keep our online preschool running smoothly, please agree to all of these policies. 
*STEAM Online Preschool utilizes Zoom for our face-to-face classes. We take special care to ensure confidentiality and security settings are in place in our Zoom classrooms. A password is also mandatory to log in and will be provided confidentially.  


I understand that after signing up, I will receive a training video that teach me how to log in to the Zoom classroom.


I understand that Teaching Time classes are held between 9-9:30 a.m. MST, and that my child will be assigned a Preschool Pals class time (an additional 30 minutes on my child's class days) after registering. The Preschool Pal session is typically between 11:00 and 1:00.


I understand that after registering, I will sign up for my class using PayPal. I understand I can manage my own billing account inside PayPal. I also understand that tuition fees will not be refunded and that I can cancel at anytime.


I understand that I will need to log my child into the Zoom classroom for each session of Teaching Time and Preschool Pals, but I do not need to stay during class time. However, I understand that if my child is misbehaving during online preschool, the teacher will talk to me about finding a solution to help my child not misbehave. 


I understand that after I sign up, I will join a free private Facebook group where ALL communications will be held. I understand that joining the free private Facebook group is required.

(*Does not apply to current STEAM families joining us online as a result of COVID-19.)


Lastly, I understand that after I register and sign up for online preschool, it may take STEAM Preschool up to 24 hours to offer instructions on how to access the Zoom classrooms because they are assigning my child a Preschool Pals class.