STEAM Preschool of El Paso creates an integrative experience that engages and connects student learning. It's about encouraging students to build knowledge about the world around them by observing, asking questions and investigating.


Science | Technology | Engineering | Arts | Mathematics

What does STEAM look like in preschool?

  • STEAM activities are inquiry based, open-ended activities that allow the child to explore and ask questions.

  • STEAM activities have more than one right answer or outcome.

  • The importance is on the creative process and asking questions rather than the final outcome.

  • The teacher is the guide or facilitator who helps children further their thinking and problem solving skills.


  • SCIENCE is the process of learning about and understanding the natural world.

  • Experiments help develop science skills like observing, describing what they notice and comparing results.


  • TECHNOLOGY refers to the use of tools, not just electronics.

  • Tools are used to make jobs easier.

  • Simple machines like scissors, gears, wheels, and pulleys along with digital cameras and tablets are hands on ways to experience technology.


  • Engineering is the process of building and designing to solve a problem.

  • Engineering activities regularly happens when playing with blocks as children learn and discover about gravity, balance, shapes, and problem solving.


  • Art makes learning visible and helps communicate ideas.

  • Open ended process art activities allow for new ways to experiment.

  • Music and drama are also part of the "A".


  • Math is the process of understanding relationships among patterns, numbers, and shapes.

  • Mathematical thinking can be incorporated into block play, dramatic play, sensory play, (sand and water) and outdoor play.


  • Sensory exploration helps children build a foundation of observing and describing what they sense.

  • The five senses are the most basic way children explore, process, and understand new information.


  • A discovery center is a place for scientific inquiry.

  • It is a place where children can ask questions and discuss about the given or collected materials.

  • It is a place where children observe, question, and problem solve in a hands-on way.


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